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Here you will find articles on mental health and interpersonal relationships. This information is not meant to be a substitute for professional advice. I suggest you make an appointment to discuss your specific questions...



Being Mindful of Mindfulness by Joni Prince, Ph.D.

Our world has created a certain amount of ADD-like pressure for almost all of us and the results are often subtle, occasionally dramatic.  Telepressure (the need to answer our texts, calls, emails and voicemails) is so new to us that the full effects have yet to be fully studied, much less do most of us know how to proactively structure them. Positive Psychology is a branch of psychology that uses available research to  help individuals and families focus on thriving in their lives. So what does this mean and what are...


Those Things You Do by Joni Prince, Ph.D.

Isn’t it lovely to see a couple strolling arm in arm down a street, playfully talking, laughing and clearly in love? Most relationships start out that way. What happened? More importantly, how to get it back? An effective antidote to complacency between couples are caring gestures. Often when I see a couple in therapy with serious problems I recognize that before we can dig deeply into the issues they face, there needs to be some salve on the wounds. They need to remember why they liked each other so much in the...


How Lack of Sleep Can Affect Your Life  by Joni Prince, Ph.D.   

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” or so said Ben Franklin.    What  do we know about sleep now?   In our never-stop world, where downtime is only a dream, it is easy to believe that seven to eight hours of sleep each night is a mere luxury.      Read More


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